Incubation Directory

  • 苏州安莱光电科技有限公司

    Anlight Optoelectronic Technology Inc. (苏州安莱光电科技有限公司)

    Anlight Optoelectronic Technology Inc. is engaged in developing optoelectronic smart and non-intrusive vital signs monitoring systems. Its core technology is from NUS. Vital signs data, including breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. are monitored real-time non-intrusively. The data is transmitted to smart terminals (like a mobile phone or an Ipad) to obtain information on the health conditions of users, and is fed into a database to facilitate health monitoring. In 2014, the team won the championship of the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (biomedical field) and was selected for the SIP leading talent programme.

  • bionano

    BioNano Technology Limited (百诺纳米科技(苏州)有限公司)

    BioNano Technology Limited Company was founded by Dr. Sheu Fwu-Shan, a former NUS professor. He was awarded the SIP Talent Grant in 2008 and established the company in SIP in 2008, with its main product in technology-based sewage treatment systems using nano scale bubbles. The main uses of BioNano are for: 1. Treatment of contaminated lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other open water bodies; 2. Providing tap water and sewage treatment solutions; 3. Aquaculture water restoration. Its customers include governmental clients from Kunshan, Tianjin, Guangzhou etc. Bionano has established an international collaboration with the Finland Research lab in Suzhou, granted by Jiangsu Province Tech Bureau.

    In 2016, BioNano executed 7 major sewage river treatment projects in Zhejiang Province via a partnership with a local company, Zhejiang Yuteng-BioNano Environmental Technology Co Ltd. BioNano has received recognition from the government (e.g. Shaoxing City and Hangzhou City) and media coverage from Shaoxing City TV station.

  • Blue Amber (Suzhou)

    Blue Amber (Suzhou) (苏州蓝珀医疗科技股份有限公司) http://www.vitalscare.com/

    Blue Amber (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is founded by James Zhang and the company uses medical treatment technology licensed by Singapore A*Star. With the technology, Blue Amber provides contactless vital signs monitoring devices and solutions for hospitals and homes in China. The product has the advantages of high sensitivity, strong stability and low cost. In 2014, the company developed working product prototypes for mass market production in 2015. In 2016, Blue Amber signed the cooperation agreement with Heilongjiang Institute of Technology. During this period, innovation and R&D on the product was greatly improved.

  • ChunQuan (苏州纯全新材料科技有限公司)

    ChunQuan aims to develop the first environmental friendly, economically viable and sustainable process to serve the $11.4 billion MMA market.  ChunQuan is raising funds to advance its proprietary new technology from the current technical viable stage to the commercially viable stage, and is seeking a long term partner to collaborate with.

  • 苏州极酷新能源科技有限公司

    Cremeworkz (Suzhou) Pte Ltd (苏州启翎软件科技有限公司) http://www.cremeworkz.com/

    Cremeworkz (Suzhou) Pte Ltd provides a cloud based subscription (SaaS) for its online ERP solution on manufacturing, services, repair. Its product, RMA can help to manage production flow, inventory, and a tracking tool for each and every moving part/inventory. Real-time reporting enables users to forecast consumption, inventory and sales. Clients will be able to use the software on various devices such as notebook computers, desktop computers, mobile phones and other terminal equipment. The headquarters are based in Singapore and the company has customers in Malaysia, Indonesia.

  • 苏州信望膜技术有限公司

    Faith&Hope Membrane Technology Co. Ltd (苏州信望膜技术有限公司) http://www.xinwangmo.com/

    Faith&Hope Membrane Technology Co. Ltd founded by Dr. Li Yi, who graduated from NUS with a PhD, and was awarded the Talent Grant in 2009.  It was established in SIP and its 4 founders have more than ten years of experience in developing one-stop membrane filtration products. Its flagship products are solvent hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane and nanofiltration systems; small hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes; ultra-filtration membrane and its systems; MBR membrane modules and other systems. Its customers include BrightGene, CeramTec, BioTop, GenePharma, Changzhou University etc.

  • 苏州极酷新能源科技有限公司

    GcoreLab (苏州极酷新能源科技有限公司) http://gcorelab.com/

    GcoreLab was founded by Prof. PS Lee, an NUS professor. He was awarded the SIP Talent Grant in 2013. The company was established in Singapore on Sep 2010, and started incubation at NUSRI in Nov 2012. GCoreLab has a licensing agreement with NUS on part of its technology. It is engaged in the research and development of thermal management system for next generation electrical vehicles. GCoreLab’s engineering team had worked at leading OEMs in China and Singapore. The researchers have decades of experience in cooling and battery research in the US, Singapore and China. The company is uniquely positioned to offer an end-to-end cooling and battery systems for this emerging market. Its customers are public transport companies, like SIP PTC and Jingzhou PTC.

  • 哈利博特教育科技有限公司

    Halibote Education Technology (哈利博特教育科技有限公司)

    Halibote Education Technology specialises in mobile classroom teaching systems:

    1. Distributed cloud technology and network mobile teaching;

    2. Bionics and remote teaching

    3. The application of a mobile classroom to teach piano.

  • 苏州汉宣检测科技有限公司

    Hanxuan Testing Technology (苏州汉宣检测科技有限公司)

    Hanxuan Testing Technology aims to build a win-win platform for both the supply and demand sides of environmental testing, while effectively solving the docking problem between environmental protection technology and the mass markets. The company has been focusing on R&D in the field of environmental protection over a long period of time and provides one-stop services for air, water, soil, solid waste and other environmental demands by industries. It also integrates the various cutting-edge technologies in environment and creates an open cooperative platform composed of senior experts and scholars to effectively solve the practical problems encountered by enterprises.

  • 苏州英诺思达教育科技有限公司

    InnoStar (苏州英诺思达教育科技有限公司)

    InnoStar focuses on providing secondary schools with innovative one-stop laboratory solutions and curriculum development. The company's business now covers the area of micro-nano technology, robot and intelligent control, 3D printing, personalised manufacturing, life sciences, polarisation and 3D film and television technology. In 2017, InnoStar cooperated with the media partner of a secondary school affiliated to Xi 'an Jiaotong University. InnoStar has developed 9 courses for secondary schools which will be published in late 2017.

  • 苏州应求生物科技有限公司

    InvitroCue Pte Ltd (苏州应求生物科技有限公司) http://www.invitrocue.com/en/

    InvitroCue Pte Ltd offers in-vitro DMPK and toxicology services using a spectrum of innovative cell culture models as well as analytics of high-throughput digital pathology utilizing proprietary algorithms. The company's core technology comes from the National University of Singapore and its proprietary HepatoCue and 3D CelluoSponge models are developed for the long-term culture of 3D primary hepatocyte spheroids, which resembles the in vivo situation. Its solutions can be applied in the realms of drug testing as well as the research and development of cosmeceuticals and medical devices. InvitroCue Limited is a Singapore registered company listed in Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with a subsidiary in Suzhou, China.

  • 开亿晟辉信息科技有限公司

    KAI Square (开亿晟辉信息科技有限公司) http://www.kaisquare.com/

    KAI Square specialises in helping companies to consolidate information, to achieve improved efficiency in handling massive amounts of data, and to attain increased utility from their surveillance investments. Using their range of proprietary analytic systems, KAI Square is able to derive data extracted from various sensory devices, and translate them into alerts and reports that make sense to the users. The company obtained Series B round of SGD$4 million from a subsidiary of Foxconn and also Singapore’s leading telecommunications company SingTel.

  • 苏州酷谷智能科技有限公司

    Koogu (苏州酷谷智能科技有限公司) http://www.koogu.com.cn/

    Koogu has devoted its efforts and resources to R&D. In 2016, the following products have been developed successfully:

    1. Smart Home Center, which is used as the control center for all smart devices.

    2. Motion Detect sensor, which is used to detect the motion of the people

    3. Health Sensor, which is used to detect the presence of CO/CO2/NO

    4. Water Sensor, which is used to detect water leakage at home.

    5. Magnetic Sensor, which is used to detect the opening and closing of the door.

    6. Temperature Sensor, which is used to detect the temperature at home.

    The Smart Home Centre is integrated with a set of sensors and has been demonstrated on the MiaoDongjia platform.

  • 苏州梦想人软件科技有限公司

    MXR Software Technology Pte Ltd (苏州梦想人软件科技有限公司) http://www.mxrcorp.cn/

    MXR Software Technology Pte Ltd. (referred to as MXR) is a high-tech enterprise focused on the integration of AR (Augmented Reality, AR) technology and education. The company was founded by Dr. Steven Zhou, an NUS professor, and was awarded the SIP Talent Grant in 2010. MXR was established in Singapore in 2008, and entered the China market in 2010.

    The technology has been used by more than a hundred publishing groups in China and abroad. In 2015, MXR clinched the title "Annual Innovation Enterprise" of China's digital publishing technology. In the same year, at the invitation of SAPPRFT (State Administration of PressPublicationRadio, Film and Television), MXR joined the establishment of AR publication industry standards.

  • 苏州智慧芽信息科技有限公司

    PatSnap (苏州智慧芽信息科技有限公司) http://cn.patsnap.com/

    PatSnap provides IP analytics and workflow tools - from deep patent search and analysis for IP experts, to competitor and technology dashboards for strategic decision-making across the business.

    Its customers include universities like NUS, Beijing University, MIT, NTU, and industry leaders such as China Mobile, Haier, DSO etc. In 2014, it obtained Series A round investment of SGD$4.4 million from Vertex which is related to Temasek, a Singapore government-owned holdings company. It also reached a total worldwide sales of about RMB$20 million in 2014. PatSnap successfully completed its Series B round financing in December 2015. The round of financing, led by Silicon Valley's famous venture capital Summit Partners, Japan's Global Brain and angel investors, raised $11 million.

  • 苏州派宁环保科技有限公司

    Pioneer Environmental Technology Pte Ltd (苏州派宁环保科技有限公司) http://www.pioneerenv.com.sg/

    Pioneer Environmental Technology Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, focuses on the industrial wastewater deep treatment, reused project designs, construction installation and commissioning operation direction with a strong technological advantage.

    It has the ability to meet the differentiated needs of customers, for the domestic and foreign civil chemical industry, printing and dyeing, leather and municipal different industries, such as customers with advanced water treatment solutions.

    The company utilises ceramic membrane technology, waste acid and waste ink recovery technology, sewage treatment technology and filter technology both at home and abroad.

  • 全家一百(苏州)生物科技有限公司

    Quanjia 100’s (全家一百(苏州)科技有限公司)

    Quanjia 100’s main product is selenium enriched foods. After six months of development, they proved the feasibility of their marketing methods and found a stable customer group. They aim to bring high quality probiotics and spiral seaweed food into their product line.

  • 苏州达蓝纳米科技有限公司

    Suntar (苏州达蓝纳米科技有限公司) http://www.rrs.com/seller/pages/4923#

    Suntar provides integrated solutions according to food and beverage companies, pharmaceuticals, chemical, petrochemical companies and other industry customers, in order to improve product quality, reduce production cost and reduce waste emissions. Suntar applies membrane technology to provide comprehensive solutions for municipal, industrial and household users to purify or reuse water and treat waste.

  • Suzhou

    Suzhou Kosmode Biotechnology (苏州昊德生物科技有限公司)

    Suzhou Kosmode Biotechnology Company was awarded the title of “Leading Enterprise (Incubation)” by SIP in 2014. The founder, Prof. Huang Dejian from NUS, was also awarded the SIP Talent Grant. Established in Suzhou, Kosmode focuses on the development and commercialisation of extraction technology of bioactive compounds for functional food ingredients, valorization of biomass, and the development of beverages for health promotion. The Kosmode ColumnlessTM extraction technology is a green and cost-effective method for the manufacturing of high quality plant extracts.

    Kosmode has licensed a patent from NUS on the fermentation of date wine and has successfully completed pilot plant trials (500 L) on lychee wine. The products are expected to be commercialized in 2017. Kosmode registered capital of 3 million RMB, realised revenue of 660,000 RMB in 2015 and 1.3 million RMB in 2016 mainly through contract research.

  • Suzhou MetroHealth

    Suzhou MetroHealth Medical Technology Co. Ltd (苏州医号线医药科技有限公司) http://www.yhxhealth.com/

    Suzhou MetroHealth Medical Technology Co. Ltd is the first professional medical service provider in China, which provides a full line of CRO and medical consulting services for medical research and clinical development, including medical strategies, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and academic research. MetroHealth’s professional services have been accepted widely by sponsors, investigators, as well as institutions.  Since the company was founded in 2014, it has collaborated with more than 200 Tier III hospitals in China.